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This month's Thrive Archive shares what happens when a dentist accidentally shows up to an AI and burnout prevention workshop for educators! 😳 Plus...a random buffet of resources for helping teens boost executive functioning and manage screen time, mindfulness tools, and an embarrassing TikTok of me singing to an inanimate object.

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How to Support Students with Pandemic Learning Loss
Why We Need More School Psychologists and Counselors
The Importance of Mental Health Providers in Schools

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When you think of someone who is burned out, it conjures up images of someone who is “phoning it in” --  disengaged, uninterested, and hating their work. That’s not what burnout often looks like for school psychologists and others in the helping professions...
Connection is so important as a buffer for stress. That’s why I’m going on “tour” with my “Connection is Protection” mantra for parenting in a pandemic! Check out my 5-minute clip on CBS58 in Milwaukee where I share 3 tips for parents to help reduce their stress (their own stress and their children’s stress!).

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