learn to manage meltdowns and shutdowns

Being a parent means you’re juggling a lot. Pile on meltdowns, shutdowns, and anxiety your child may have about school, and it can feel like it’s just too much. 

This 7-minute video will teach you the 3 most powerful mindset shifts you need to help your kids thrive…and listen to the end for a FREE gift! 

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"ABcs of Managing meltdowns and shutdowns"

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Are you parenting a child with additional needs and are tired of going down a Google rabbit hole to get ideas on how to help them?

Get the help you need in an accessible “Netflix” style format you’ll love – online or on the go – in our ThriveHive TV app!

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Planning, organizing and follow through on school work doesn’t always come easy to some children. If you are parenting a child with attention, executive functioning or emotional challenges, we can help!

Click below to learn about virtual executive functioning coaching for your child or teen to help them be more independent and love learning!

Are you a parent in California who wants to uncover the causes of your child’s learning difficulties? Do you want to know how your child learns best, what is holding them back, and how to create a learning support plan?

Click below to learn more about our psychoeducational assessments and how you can book one for your child.

Social-emotional intelligence, friendship skills, and managing big feelings doesn’t always come easy to children. If you’re looking to pull together all parenting resources in one easy pathway, this is for you!

Check out our neurodiversity-affirming course (and community!) that helps parents of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, or Autism-Spectrum disorders.

free mini-course to HELP YOU support your neurodivergent child!

In just 25 minutes, you’ll get practical tools to support your child’s learning, behavior, executive functioning, and social-emotional skills! If your child has ADHD, Autism, anxiety, or a Learning Difference, this will help you smooth out your daily routines–morning, noon, and night!