short on time but your kids' needs are high?

Being a parent means you’re juggling a lot. Pile on meltdowns, shutdowns, and anxiety your child may have about school, and it can feel like it’s just too much. 

This 7-minute video will teach you the 3 most powerful mindset shifts you need to help your kids thrive…and listen to the end for a FREE gift! 

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"ABcs of Managing meltdowns and shutdowns"

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Trainings and Support for Parents


Are you a SF Bay Area parent who wants to uncover the causes of your child’s learning difficulties? Do you want to know how your child learns best, what is holding them back, and how to create a learning support plan?

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Parenting Workshops

Do you want to empower parents in your organization with practical tools for supporting children and teens with executive functioning, coping skills, navigating learning differences? 

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Executive Functioning Coaching

Planning, organizing, and following through on school work doesn’t always come easy to some children. If you are parenting a child with attention, executive functioning, or emotional challenges, we can help!

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Hey Parents! Want to feel calm, connected, and confident — no matter the circumstances?

Sign up now for Dr. Rebecca Branstetter’s parenting crash course:  Peace of Mind Parenting and learn simple, proven strategies for raising calm kids in a crazy world!

Parenting is difficult under the best of circumstances, but now we’re parenting in a pandemic! This course offers proactive techniques for patient, loving parenting under pressure.