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A video streaming service for parents, educators, districts and mental health providers.

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Get the help you and your kids need in a “Netflix” style format you’ll love…online or on-the-go in our Thrive Hive TV app!

Thrive Hive TV is an all-in-one streaming library of child development videos for parents, mental health providers, and educators to support children’s learning, behavioral, executive functioning, and social-emotional skills at home and at school.

OUR child development EXPERTS HAVE curated over 75+ short videos to support:

Byron McClure, Ed.D., CEO, Black School Psychologist Network

Nurturing Student Strengths

Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D.

Executive Functioning, Coping Skills, and Burnout Prevention

Gina Beaman, Ed.D

Helping Students with Disabilities Transition to College

Krista Edwards, M.A., BSPN

Promoting Positive Racial Identity

Angela Watson

Burnout Prevention/Teacher Retention

Tiara Bland, Ed.D., BSPN

Preventing Suicide among Black Youth

Patricia Zurita Oña, Ph.D.

helping students Overcome Perfectionism

Aline Milford, Psy.D., BSPN

Supporting Immigrant Families in School

Amy (Leung) Lee, M.S.

Understanding Autism (coming soon!)

Adena Young, Ph.D.

Strategies for Math Learning Disabilities (coming soon!)

Nicole Thompson, Ed.S.

Trauma Informed Care (coming soon!)

executive functioning

  • Starting and Finishing Tasks
  • Impulse Control
  • Emotional Self-Regulation
  • Focus/Attention
  • Organization and Time Management
  • And more!

Mental Health

  • Managing Anxiety
  • Changing Negative Mindsets
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence
  • Fostering Self-Compassion
  • Boosting Motivation 
  • And more!

(Coming Soon!)

Supporting culturally diverse learners

  • Nurturing Student Strengths
  • Fostering Positive Racial Identity
  • Suicide Prevention for Black Students
  • Home-School Collaboration to Support Immigrant Families
  • And more from The Black School Psychologist Network! 

helping kids with disabilities

  • Understanding ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism
  • Helping parents navigating the IEP/504 process
  • Boosting Working Memory
  • Enhancing Auditory Attention
  • Managing Frustration
  • Improving Self-Advocacy
  • And more!

(Coming Soon!)

caregiver/parent burnout prevention

(Coming Soon in Spanish!)

  • The ABCs of Managing Meltdowns and Shutdowns
  • 26 Videos for parents to cope with their stress and their child’s stress.
  • Includes free downloadable E-book and journal for parents to “make it their own.”
  • Videos are 3-5 minutes long, ideal for busy parents!

educator burnout prevention

  • The ABCs of Burnout Prevention and Co-Thriving with Your Students
  • 26 Videos for educators and mental health providers to learn practical ways to overcome stress.
  • Includes free downloadable E-book and journal for educators–ideal for Professional Learning Communities to discuss together.
  • Videos are 3-5 minutes long, ideal for overwhelmed educators!

Sample videos for educators

Sample Videos for Teaching kids executive functioning