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Do you love your students but find yourself not loving parts of your job as a school psychologist?

One thing I’ve learned over the last 20 years and in my research for my latest book is that school psychologists often fall into burnout traps and they don’t even notice it!

These blind spots can keep you from job satisfaction and reaching the kids that you want to help the most.

So I decided to make a quiz so you can learn which of the four most common burnout traps you might be headed for…and more importantly, what to do to get out of the trap or avoid it altogether!

Check out this quick video below to learn more, then click here to take the quiz!

How would it feel at the end of the day if you were using all your skills and talents (beyond just testing) to make a bigger impact with students?

This School Psychologist Quiz will show you…

  • Which of the 4 most common “School Psychologist Burnout Traps” you’re most likely to fall in
  • How to get out of a trap you’ve already fallen into…or avoid the trap in the future
  • Insight into why this trap is preventing you from helping your students…and how to turn it around NOW to reach kids who need the most help.
  • And practical tips to hit the “happiness reset button” for yourself so you have more joy and work/life balance as a school psychologist, all based on your unique answers!

Take the quiz now and you’ll get a personalized video training and report with practical tips just for you!

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