Parenting a child who learns differently doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. 

Click on the video to learn our proven pathway to help children with ADHD/Learning Differences,  Autism, or Anxiety THRIVE.

neurodiversity-affirming parenting starts here.

  • In this on-demand video course, Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, school psychologist and founder of The Thriving Students Collective, teaches parents 8 research-based parenting strategies to boost wellness and independence...and how to turn that research into REALITY at home.

  • Using real world examples, Elizabeth Sautter, Speech Language Pathologist and author of “Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick”, shows you how to make teaching your child social-emotional learning and communication simple and make it stick so you can helping your child thrive right away!

  • Guest experts provide cutting edge practical strategies in short bonus videos! These thought leaders share their favorite parenting hacks to boost executive functioning, social communication, and social-emotional learning! 

what parents will learn:

Module 1: make it stick!

Parents will learn four essential ingredients that lay the foundation for social-emotional learning to stick. No more “on the fly” parenting that causes stress! 

You’ll get your WISE Journal and clear “Make it Stick pathway” and we’ll walk you step by step on how to help your child by starting with your foundational needs as a parent or caregiver. 

module 2: get out of the google rabbit hole!

No more searching for the “right” way to parent and getting mixed advice. Parents will learn what executive functioning, social communication, and emotional regulation are–and where their child’s strengths are in each of these areas. 

Module 3: foundational needs

Want to learn how small changes in your home environment can boost your child’s positive  behavior and learning at home and at school? This module teaches you how! 

Learn how to the connect the “invisible dots” between your child’s 5 foundational needs and how that translates to better behavior. 

Module 4: bonding and co-regulation

So many parents find themselves in the same behavioral pitfalls over and over– your child may be acting out or shutting down on a daily basis even though you’re trying strategies that are supposed to help. 

This module gives you proven strategies–what to say and do in challenging moments to prevent meltdowns and shutdowns. You’ll also get pro-tips on how to  teach vital executive functioning and social-emotional skills at the same time! 

Module 5: building positive routines

Are there times of day or events that are particularly challenging for your child? Does your child struggles with transitions and following directions?

This module will give you the keys to successful morning transitions, homework time, and evening routines! 

module 6: mindfulness for you and your child

In this module, we show you the power of mindfulness strategies to boost attention, focus, emotional regulation (yours and your child’s!), and more. 

Using a neuroscience perspective, you’ll learn specific mindfulness tools that boost your child’s build social-emotional learning and give you more peace in your parenting. 

Module 7: make it simple, make it stick!

In this module, we teach you how to break down learning social-emotional and executive functioning skills into simple, understandable ways for your child (and you!).

If you’ve ever tried to teach your child listening skills, how to make and keep friends, or stay focused on schoolwork and struggled to make it “stick” –you’ll love these practical tools! 


Module 8: a day in the life

This module walks you through a day-in-the-life of embracing teachable moments to boost executive functioning, social communication, and emotional regulation.

Instead of adding ON things to do in your already busy day, this module teaches you how to add social-emotional learning IN your day in the little moments. 

bonus videos!

We crowdsourced leaders in the field to give their top parenting hack for neurodiverse kids!

  • (NEW!) Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, expert in anxiety and ADHD 
  • (NEW!) Janine Halloran, expert in coping skills 
  • Leah Kypers, Zones of Regulation Founder
  • Sarah Ward, Executive Functioning Expert
  • Kristin Baisden, Positive Parenting Expert
  • Kelly Mahler, Self-Regulation Expert

plus...get these bonus downloadable tools!

Each parent gets 100+ page downloadable Guidebook of all the tools and a personalized journal to track which strategies work best with their child! 

meet Your parent coaches

Elizabeth Sautter
Speech Language Pathologist

Elizabeth Sautter, MA CCC-Speech Language Pathologist is an author and presenter specializing in social communication, self-regulation and executive functioning.  She is the author of the book, Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick, Practical Activities to Help Your Child Manage Emotions, Navigate Social Situations and Reduce Anxiety.  She is a collaborative speaker for The Zones of Regulation and has co-authored two Zones storybooks, two tool card decks, a game and poster with Leah Kuypers (creator of the Zones). On a personal note, she supports her neurodivergent sons and is passionate about supporting her clients and their families..

Rebecca Branstetter
School Psychologist

Dr. Rebecca Branstetter is a licensed psychologist, credentialed school psychologist, and sought after speaker, appearing in media outlets such as CBS, Greater Good Science Center, the Washington Post, and NPR.

Her organization, Thriving Student Collective has a mission is to bring educator and parent wellbeing to the forefront of our school initiatives as powerful intervention to support student learning and mental health.

She believes that when we thrive, our students thrive! She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area  with her husband, two daughters and two exceptionally furry husky dogs.

We built this course with busy parents in mind.

modules are broken into 10-20 minute video segments

Videos can be watched on the go in the app or on your computer (hey, maybe while you're folding laundry to make it more interesting!). With a full year access, the entire course can be completed with as little as 60 minutes a month.

parents apply what they hear in real time (no extra work!)

With the "Make it Stick Journal" as a guide, parents start integrating strategies into daily life right away.

parents can hop in our neurodiversity-affirming private forum and coaching calls!

Connect daily with a judgement-free community working through similar challenges in our private forum and get advice from Elizabeth and Dr. Rebecca in our quarterly "ask us anything" video coaching calls.

Get a full year of support for just $199

8 Modules (On-Demand Online Videos)

Make it Stick Journal

Make it Stick Guidebook

Private Online Forum 

6 Bonus Videos with renowned parenting experts in executive functioning and anxiety 

4 Group Coaching Zoom Calls with Rebecca and Elizabeth

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for school districts: support your families of neurodivergent children

Is this course just for neurodivergent families? What do you mean by "neurodivergent?"

Neurodivergent is a term used to describe children and teens whose brains develop or work differently. It’s a non-medical umbrella term, and can include children with diagnoses of ADHD, Autism,  and Learning Disabilities. It can also include children who are not diagnosed but have emotional regulation, social communication, anxiety, or executive functioning challenges.

This course is ideal for families of neurodivergent students, but also those who just need a little extra support! 

How long is the course?

Each module is about 60 minutes to watch in total, with videos broken down into  20-25 minutes long segments. 

 All in all, the entire course  provides 12 clock hours of content. 

You will have up to a full year to watch all of the videos, so it’s totally doable with just 60 minutes a month!

How long do I get access?

You get access for one full year. Why not lifetime? Over the past few years, we’ve been taking data on course completion rates. When we give lifetime access, the completion rates are much lower than when there is a time limit. We want parents to not only invest in the course, but to firmly step into the path of investing the time to actually use it! Especially for folks who are experiencing stresst, it’s very easy to file watching the videos under “I’ll do it later when I have time.”

If the content is something you will want to revisit year after year, there will be an option to renew the course a significantly lower rate after a year has passed.

How much overlap is there between Rebecca’s Thrive Hive TV Network and Make It Stick Parenting?

Thrive Hive TV Network provides 150+ short videos on many topics related to parenting and stress management.  Make It Stick Parenting is a higher touch course with access to a private forum, group coaching with Rebecca & Elizabeth, and is geared specifically for families of children with neurodivergent profiles to take a “deeper dive” into support. 

 You’ll also be learning from Elizabeth and our guest experts so we’re confident you’ll hear lots of new-to-you-strategies!

How do the quarterly group coaching calls on Zoom work?

When you sign up for Make It Stick Parenting, you will get a link to sign up for the quarterly coaching calls with Rebecca, Elizabeth, and your fellow Make It Stick Parenting community. 

On these calls, you can ask specific questions about the course and the strateiges, ask questions if you need support, and troubleshoot ways to overcome challenges your are facing with your child. 

If you can’t make the call live, no worries! You can submit a question in advance and Rebecca and Elizabeth will answer it on the call. You will have access to the recording to watch at your convenience! 

I am a district leader with questions about group licenses for families with IEPs and 504 Plans. Can I talk to someone?

We’d love to help! Click on the chat icon on the page or email for more information!