Thriving Students Collective platform walkthrough videos

for parents, educators, School psychologists & More

Welcome to Thriving Students Collective! If you’re seeing this page, your school district has granted you access to the TSC platform. Read on for a detailed walkthrough of your new resources, including what you get and how to access it!

Thriving Community subscription (thrive hive tv)

Our Thriving Community subscription is for educators and caregivers, and features our signature resource, Thrive Hive TV. You can think of THTV as “the TikTok of Thriving.” It’s a streaming service featuring short, practical tip videos from learning, mental health and education experts that will help you and your kids co-thrive. If you’re a parent or an educator who supports parents, check out the video below to find out how to log in and access the videos.

Thriving Educator & Thriving School Psychologist subscriptions

Our Thriving Educator subscription is designed for teachers, school psychologists, social workers, and other school staff members. It features three masterclasses focused on helping you to show up to work every day empowered and excited, with the tools you need to support neurodiverse students and students with mental health challenges. These masterclasses are called How to Reverse Educator Burnout, How to Teach Children & Teens Executive Functioning Skills and How to Teach Coping Skills to Stressed Out Students. You also get our signature resource, Thrive Hive TV, which we like to call “the TikTok of Thriving.”

Our Thriving School Psychologist subscription includes everything above, plus one additional course: The Thriving School Psychologist Online Course & Community. This course will help you achieve your dream of helping students rather than just being a “testing machine.” Course participants learn how to better manage time, lower stress and make a deeper impact with students. In addition to seven asynchronous modules, you’ll participate in monthly Zoom calls with school psychologists around the country to share resources and ideas, hosted by renowned school psychologist and co-founder of Thriving Students Collective, Dr. Rebecca Branstetter.

If you’re an educator or school psychologist, check out the video below to find out how you can log in and get started today!