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Getting fancy with our new Micro-PD platform....AND a new AI-generated song/TikTok music video my daughter reviewed as, "PLEASE keep in drafts.
This month's Thrive Archive shares what happens when a dentist accidentally shows up to an AI and burnout prevention workshop for educators! 😳 Plus...a random buffet of resources for helping teens boost executive functioning and manage screen time, mindfulness tools, and an embarrassing TikTok of me singing to an inanimate object.
There's free virtual swag in this month's Thrive Archive! 🎉 While I don't have quite the following as Taylor, I am also "on tour" with Thriving Students Collective to share my "greatest hits" for K12 educators! There MAY also be footage of me dancing in this edition, so check it out. 💃🏼
Burnout and educator turnover was here long before the pandemic. The pandemic just put gasoline on the burnout fire. Most solutions focus on trying to fix what's wrong with our school system by adding more to educators' already full plates. It's high time we started focusing on what's strong with our school system by leveraging our greatest asset we already have--our educators. Get started today with a FREE tool that harnesses strengths and protects our educators from burnout...