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The “Buzz" from Thriving Students Collective

Many people, including students, are feeling stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early intervention is key for protecting children from long-term challenges–and school psychologists can help!

Watch this 3-minute clip where I joined CBS 58 to share information and tips for parents, and shouted out out the incredible work school psychologists are doing, even as we are stretched super thin with high caseloads.

If you’re a school psychologist or parent who wants to help advocate for more funding for mental health and learning supports in schools, I suggest you follow me on Twitter.  My profile currently reads, “I’m just a school psychologist, looking at the public schools, asking for a fundamental paradigm shift to get kids the mental health and learning supports they deserve.” I have made it my personal mission, alongside all my Thriving School Psychologist friends in my course and community to create a grassroots movement to do just that.

We have to start focusing on prevention and early intervention for mental health and learning challenges in our schools. But we can’t do it well with nearly triple the recommended caseload ratios.

If you’re with me and want to help school psychologists help kids THRIVE, head over to Twitter and follow me to join me in advocating and spreading the word about what we do and how we can help–now in the pandemic and beyond.

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