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We’ve all been there. As school psychologists, we know all too well the feeling right before we have to tell a child that she has a learning disability.

I recently had an interesting experience with a student that made me pause and reflect on the best way to talk to kids and families about what a learning disability is.

I know deep down that we can empower students with learning disabilities with the language we use and the way we teach and guide them. But I wanted science to back me up…

So…I dove into the research on strength-based language and reducing stigma in using labels with kids with disabilities.

And then, I got to cross a vision-board item off my vision board.

I got to write a guest post for The Greater Good Science Center’s newsletter! If you don’t already know them, get ready to be a Superfan, because they are at the forefront of making positive psychology science accessible to everyone. Real talk? I am having a real nerdy fangirl moment over here about sharing what we school psychologists do to support our students with learning disabilities.

Check out the article “How to Help Students with Learning Disabilities Focus on their Strengths” here to read about the surprising reaction I got to telling a girl she had Dyslexia, and learn 3 research-based strategies for tapping into our students’ potential.

Oh, and be sure to see the shameless plug for our fine profession of school psychology! I’m starting School Psychology Awareness Week 2 months early. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you all as well…how do you explain learning disabilities to students and parents with a strength-based lens?

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