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How can a frog help children and adults with executive functioning skills like focus, time-management, and organization? You’re about to find out…let’s hop to it (pun intended).

What is Executive Functioning?

As a school psychologist, I love turning fancy neuropsychology terms like “executive functioning” into kid-friendly language. My non-fancy definition of executive functioning that I like to use is “all the things you need to reach a goal.”

Or as I say to kids, how to be the “Boss in your Brain!”

Being the Boss sure sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I love to tell students that the “Boss in your Brain” can plan, organize, start tasks, stick with tasks, and finish tasks. The “Boss” also needs to be able to “stop and think” to make choices and “reboot” when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed.

So how do you teach kids to be the “Boss in their Brain”? Let’s start with making it FUN. Research shows that students retain 44% more content when the learning is coupled with humor and fun….enter the FROG.

How Can a Frog Help Kids Focus?

Mark Twain is often credited with saying: “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.”

I know, gross. But it’s memorable!

And we can use this metaphor of “eating the frog,” which is a task that students are procrastinating or something their motivated to do but struggle with planning, organizing, or starting. By using this metaphor with kids, you can help them improve their productivity, motivation, and overall enjoyment of their school experience.

Based on the core executive functioning skill of focus, from our “How to Teach Executive Functioning to Children and Teens” masterclass, this newly released journal is the deeper dive you’ve been waiting for!

Our latest resource, the “Eat The Frog and Thrive Journal” is perfect for:

  • Students who want to do well, but struggle with focus.
  • Parents who want to motivate their child with schoolwork and chores but don’t want to nag them or get into homework battles!
  • Teachers, executive functioning coaches, and school psychologists who want to teach executive functioning in a fun and easy-to-learn way.

How Does it Work? Let’s Take A Peek Inside!

Behind the Scenes Peek at How to Use the “Eat the Frog” journal with Students

What Age Group is this Journal For?

This journal is perfect for students who need support in executive functioning (planning, organization, time management) as well as those who would benefit from visual and flexible modalities for enhancing motivation and wellbeing.

The student journal is ideal for middle school and high school (grades 6-12), but can extend down to late elementary aged (3rd-5th) with adult coaching. While grades 6-12 can use the journal independently, they may have an enhanced benefit with adult support and coaching.

If you’re interested in advancing your executive functioning coaching skills with students using this planner and 30+ more downloadable tools, be sure to check out our companion masterclass, “How to Teach Executive Functioning to Children and Teens”!

*Bulk rates are available! Email support@thrivingstudents.com for a quote! This journal and planner is a perfect companion to the How to Teach Executive Functioning to Children and Teens masterclass.

Wait…Can a Frog Help Adults Focus Too?

Executive functioning hacks aren’t just for kids!

I’ve worked with thousands of school psychologists and educators to help them “eat the frog!” For adults, looks like a task that you’re procrastinating or something you’re motivated to do but never find the time. These techniques work to improve your executive functioning, productivity, and enjoyment in your workday too!

Even if you’re pretty good at crushing to-do lists, motivation can come and go. We can also get so caught up in productivity we forget about rest and overdo it. That’s why the adult journal has a special section for setting positive intentions and reflecting on your wins throughout the day to stay motivated.

This latest resource, “Eat The Frog and Thrive Journal” for Adults is perfect for:

  • School psychologists and mental health providers who want to streamline their workflow and free up time for passion projects!
  • Teachers who want to stay motivated, organized, and co-learn executive functioning strategies with their students!
  • Adults with ADHD/executive functioning challenges but also just overwhelmed adults who are looking for accountability!

How Does the Adult Journal Work? A Peek Inside!

A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the Eat the Frog and Thrive journal for Adults

*Bulk orders are available! Email suppor@thrivingstudents.com. This journal is a perfect companion workbook for The Thriving School Psychologist Collective course, which supports school psychologists in better time management, less stress, and having more impact in their work.

Let’s Put the FUN in executive Functioning, Shall We?

And, for our last bit of fun, here’s a TikTok of me announcing the new journals with a ridiculous filter. Follow us @thrivingstudents for more fun… and more executive functioning supports!

Want to Get Executive Functioning Professional Development in Your School or District?

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