What We Do for districts,
school psychologists, educators, and parents

At The Thriving Students Collective® our mission is to end the cycle of stress and burnout among educators and parents, empowering them to “co-thrive” with their diverse and unique learners.

We provide professional development, engaging online courses, and a supportive online community that prioritizes whole-school wellness and equips educators and parents with practical tools to empower every learner’s success.

The solution to our youth's mental health and learning crisis is not to pile more on your to-do list.

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 At The Thriving Students Collective,™ we believe the solution is empowering YOU to thrive. 

Find the specific tools and resources for you
and the kids you support.

FOR SCHOOLs and school districts

Want to solve 5 of the most common problems with one solution? Create a thriving school system and transform future outcomes for your students by solving the biggest challenges schools face.


Want to have better time management, lower your stress, and have more impact in your school community—beyond testing? Get the resources you need to end burnout and love your job again. 

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Instead of throwing more off-the-shelf social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum at you, we embed the science of burnout prevention in every course. Find out how we help you feel uplifted and empowered to help your students.



You can get radically different results with simple shifts in how you talk to kids and how you approach their challenges. Stop feeling defeated and get the support you need to make a real difference for you and your child.

Childhood anxiety and depression are at an all time high.

We can help students with emotional challenges get back to learning.

The Thriving Students Collective™ meets the moment with an all-in-one system of personal development and support for adults and practical “learn it on Monday, use it on Tuesday” tools to support children and teens’ learning and emotional needs.

Students with disabilities, emotional challenges, and those most impacted by learning loss from the pandemic need specialized support.

Our interventions tools are research-based and practical.

Our courses and tools are neurodiverse-affirming, which means that they celebrate the diversity and strengths of our learners while providing targeted support for areas of challenge. Curated by school psychologists and leading learning experts, our courses, training, and coaching specifically support children with learning and emotional needs.

Nearly half of all teachers have considered leaving the profession, and 90% of school psychologists report burnout.

We help re-energize your school staff.

Our trainings aren’t just professional development, they’re personal development. Instead of throwing more off-the-shelf social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum at stressed out educators to implement with their students, we embed the science of wellbeing and burnout prevention for educators in every course. The result is engaged educators who are uplifted and empowered to help their students thrive.

Are you ready to help the kids you care
about thrive and love learning?

How We Help

At Thriving Students Collective, we help individuals, schools, and organizations reinvigorate their mission to support student achievement and wellbeing and close opportunity gaps.

Our trainings, online courses, coaching, consulting and speaking services will help you turn research about positive psychology, supporting diverse learners, and preventing personal burnout into reality.

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