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  • Do you always feel crunched for time? Did you sign up for the Thriving School Psychologist Course and not get as far as you wanted to get with the course so that you can achieve your work-life balance goals? 
  • Are you worried your district will never change? Did you make some progress toward freeing up your time to work with students and not just their paperwork but worry that it’s not going to be sustainable in your district?
  • Do you crave a community of school psychs who GET IT? Do you wish you had ongoing support with a group of motivated school psychologists to continue your journey to get back to the real reason you became a school psychologist: the rewarding interactions with students, families, and parents?

There’s a reason that 85% of New Years’ Resolutions go out the window by February because we need social support to stay focused, engaged, motivated, inspired, and accountable. 

Solo goal setting as a school psychologist is particularly hard, because while we are around people at our schools, we aren’t around OUR people–other school psychologists who totally “get it.” 

School Psychologists no longer have to go at it alone, feeling isolated , frustrated, and often misunderstood as we work to transform our careers from within. 

The good news is: Research shows that having an accountability buddy or someone we can check in with increases our chance of achieving our goals by a whopping 65%. 

Join the Thriving School Psychologist Lounge (even if you haven’t finished the TSP course yet!) so you can have the ongoing support you need to sustain your goals.

School psycholgists just like you have told me that the TSP course has been the first step in freeing up time to be with students and not just their paperwork. You’re getting more streamlined with your organization. Some of you have finally gotten programs you’ve long tabled off the ground—victory! And I hear over and over that so many of you are finally starting to take your weekends back! Yes!  

Yet…your district and those you work with haven’t always changed with you. Your caseloads are still high and your time is too short. Finding enough time in the day to do the real work of being with students is hard. 

I get it. School psychs are the busiest people, with all we have to manage during the school year. 

Change is not a one time event. 

Change takes time, support, and continued focused action.  

Change is easier when you have a community of like-minded school psychologists to go to when you feel exhausted and discouraged for inspiration. Like having a gym buddy, it’s just easier to reach goals TOGETHER. 

Real talk…

If someone was going to show up for us and make our careers easier with smaller caseloads, it would have happened by now. 

We have a choice: accept “what is” and slog through our careers, or band together to get real change on the grassroots level to make this career what it was intended to be: helping prevent student failure and improving student outcomes in school and life. 

Join us in this amazing community of school psychs, who have figured out ways to make changes even in the most challenging of districts so that you keep inspired, accountable, and moving forward toward your career satisfaction. 


The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge!


The Original Thriving School Psychologists Modules and Tools:

Finishing up your CEUs and going deeper into the tools.


Did your school year get extra hectic and you didn’t have time to finish up the original course modules or go as deep as you wanted to with the materials?

You are not alone!

You will get continued access to all the modules, tools, checklists, videos, and templates so that you can take action this summer during your downtime (in between lounging at the pool and recovering from your Spring IEP-Fest, of course).

Lounge members will also get extended time to access modules and use your schoolpsych.com webinars to get your CEUs as long as you are in the Lounge membership.

Monthly Themed New Resources:

Keeping you focused on small, achieveable steps to improving your career without getting overwhelmed! 

Many of you told me that you learned a lot in the original course, but feel you’re just getting started and have so much more to learn! I got you.

Access to NEW content, organized around a monthly theme that will keep you focused and take you deeper in your learning. New productivity tools! New “Done for You” templates! New resources for burnout prevention! Strategic planning tools for moving district priorities to prevention! New cool techie stuff!

To avoid overwhelm though, these resources are around a focused theme per month, so you only have to think about the monthly theme and not everything all at once! 

The monthly themes are:

  • January: Counseling Skills
  • February: Burnout Prevention
  • March: Surviving March Madness and Career Sustainability Tips
  • April: Productivity, Revisited!
  • May: Mindfulness and Planting Prevention Seeds
  • June: End of Year Analysis and Using Your Summer Wisely
  • July: Up Your Report Templates Game!
  • August: Goals and Sustainable Organizational Systems
  • September: Streamlining Assessments and Reports
  • October: Tech Tools for Assessment, Interventions, and Productivity
  • November: Systems for Prevention: MTSS/RTI
  • December: Consultation and Assessment Skills 

Monthly Q&A Zoom Video Calls:

Staying connected to the amazing school psychologist braintrust to stay motivated and learn from each other!

As you go through the modules, you may be learning WHAT to do to, but have questions about HOW to apply the strategies in your particular situation. There may be new ideas bubbling up that you’d like feedback, advice, resources, and support on. There are two main ways to get that important colleague-to-colleague brain trust going: Q&A calls and the Forum. Remember, everyone in the Lounge is just like you–they are motivated and ready to help! 

Lounge members get access to two monthly live Mastermind Q&A Video Calls with me and all the members of the Lounge, starting right away this summer and continuing in the fall when new folks are joining the collective. New people, new ideas, new inspiration! The calls follow the monthly themes, so we are all in the same headspace to help one another. 

On the calls we:

  • Share Quick Wins so we can learn pro-tips from each other
  • Problem Solve together around the monthly theme (e.g. MTSS, Burnout Prevention, Counseling, Organization)
  • Connect with other school psychologists to get support and ideas 
  • Win prizes by entering in Collaboration and Accountability Contests! (Free swag, you guys!)

Coffee Break School Psychology Videos:

Brewing up fresh cups of inspiration with thought leaders in education, psychology, and wellness.

Super practical tips featuring thought experts in the field, in easy to watch 10- to 20-minute video segments in my “Coffee Break School Psychology” videos. 

Learn from leading experts about:

  • Self-Care 
  • Self-Compassion
  • Assessment of Austism, Dyslexia, and Executive Functioning Disorders
  • Happiness Research 
  • PRACTICAL strategies for teaching study skills
  • Counseling in the schools

Member Perks and Discounts:

Connecting Thriving School Psychologists with cool stuff…at a free or reduced rate! 

Member perks! Access member-only discounts on your favorite books, apps, and Thriving School Psych swag (you know you want the TSP mug for your coffee addiction, I can feel it).

Discounts on:

  • Books (Everything Guide to Executive Functioning Disorder, 20% off any book from School Neuropsychology press, etc. )
  • Mindfulness Apps and Trainings (Calm, Shine, Happier.com) 
  • School Psychology Tools (e.g. 10% off Click Reports, 50% off SELTV)
  • Schoolpsych.com Webinars
  • Additional Trainings from TSP-Approved providers
  • Thriving School Psychologist “swag” – show your TSP pride with cool mugs, notebooks, and more…

The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge Community Forum:

Tap into the power of a private off-Facebook forum designed just for school psychologists with a shared vision and common language.

Access to the TSP Lounge in a privately hosted forum where you can feel safe to share your goals, struggles, and Aha! Moments to inspire others and find accountability partners to keep you moving and inspired (and more fun contests to win prizes that help you in your job!)

Together we answer questions and share resources and ideas in the following:

  • Assessment
  • Productivity
  • Counseling
  • Tech Tools
  • Sharing Wins/Collaboration Contests
  • Self-Care
  • Water Cooler (anything else, like regional meetups, funny stories, and inspiration) 

If you finished the course, and you're excited about what you can accomplish, this community can provide the kind of ongoing accountability, resources, and support to help you meet your long-term goals.

If you have NOT finished the course, let me assure you, this is not about stacking more lessons on top of the ones you haven't finished yet!

This is about giving you the tools to get through the materials faster with support you need in a community around you to keep you accountable. !

This community has been created with you in mind to help support you on your journey. Try a month to revitalize your love of the profession, or commit to a year of focused action. !

Just join us.

Don't let the tips and tools you’ve learned this year to languish in your “One day when I have time I will really do this” or “When my district gets with the program” folder.

Don't let your investment in your career satisfaction to go to waste because you couldn't set aside time for yourself and your growth.

Doing the same thing every year will yield the same results.

Every school psychologist struggles with making the time for the very strategies that will ultimately free up our time. That is why we have to stick together to support each other and make it easier.

By Invitation Only…Join Us in The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge!

enrollment is available by invitation only to those members who are signed up for the 10-month Thriving School Psychologist Collective online course. 

Important: You do not have to have completed all of the original TSP course materials to enroll…many of you utilize the TSP Lounge to finish up modules and get those NASP-approved CEUs!

The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge Yearly Plan

The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge Yearly Plan

Not sure what your username and password are? Email Rebecca@thrivingschoolpsych.com

By Invitation Only…Join Us in The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge!

enrollment is available by invitation only to those members who are signed up for the 10-month Thriving School Psychologist Collective online course. 

Important: You do not have to have completed all of the original TSP course materials to enroll…many of you utilize the TSP Lounge to finish up modules and get those NASP-approved CEUs!

The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge Yearly Plan

The Thriving School Psychologist Lounge Yearly Plan

Not sure what your username and password are? Email Rebecca@thrivingschoolpsych.com


All members who join get access to Rebecca’s
Masterclasses and Toolkits!

$589 Value …but you get BOTH courses just for being a member of the Lounge!

See you in the Lounge…I’ll be the one brewing up a giant pot of coffee for us, and serving up new ideas to continue our transformation from testing machines to doing the real work we know we can do together.

If you have any questions, or need help logging in, feel free to send me an email directly at rebecca@thrivingschoolpsych.com. 



Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D.

School Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and California Licensed Psychologist #22654

Still wondering if you’ll actually make time for the Lounge?

If you always feel short on time, but big on ideas for how to support kids…check out this tour of the Lounge to see how we make it easy for you to reach your goals.


Just like in the original course, all the modules are all “on demand,” which means once they are released each month, you can watch at any time. They are purposefully divided into 10 to 20 minute segments so that you can access them during the school day (hey, maybe even take a lunch break, folks!).

Motivation is less important than CONSISTENCY and ACTION when it comes to reaching goals. We are all motivated to streamline our workflows, reduce report writing, spend more time with students, and have killer work-life boundaries. It’s all about carving out that time to really apply the strategies you’ve learned consistently in your day-to-day life. These strategic moves create big opportunities and new habits (and these moves are possible, even if you feel buried under piles of paperwork every year). 

Remember: Research shows you are far more likley to keep consistent with your goals (65% more likely!) when you have social support.

I get it! You might set aside time to come to the Q&A session and then something comes up. Not to worry! You can submit a question in advance and me and my team will answer it live and put it to the “mastermind” of the other school psychologists for their input. Then, since the Q&A live video sessions in are recorded and stored in your online portal, your can listen to them at your convenience. 

Yes! If you haven’t finished up the orginal TSP course, as long as you are a member of the TSP Lounge, you are eligible for up to 12 National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)-Approved CPD credits with the opportunity for additional self-study CPD units toward NCSP renewal available. In partnership with SchoolPsych.com, select Monthly Theme webinars are eligible for additional NCSP CEUs. Hurray!

You can purchase a monthly membership at $39/month and cancel anytime. Or, save by investing in a yearly subscription at $299. Try a month, or commit to a year of conscious action to keep forward momentum with your personal and professional goals.


Of course, we want to unplug, relax, and enjoy time off. I am PRO-relaxation! But I also know that investing just a little time pays off in big dividends. Just one hour a week in your free time could shave dozens of hours per week. 

  • Imagine starting your year with an air-tight organizational system for your caseload.
  • Imagine all of your report templates are updated, seamlessly integrated with tech tools for automation, and ready to go on Day 1. 
  • Imagine that you can hit the ground running with a counseling or intervention project you’ve always wanted to do because it’s all planned out. 
  • Imagine you have a cadre of similarly motivated and inspirational school psychologists ready to support you all year long– when you have days you feel no one in your building really understands what you do all day, when you need advice on a sticky situation, or when you need help shutting it all down on the weekends–you have a built in network who gets it. 

And for reals…the TSP Lounge is super fun and low-key. We even have fun self-care contest for prizes. 🙂 It’s a great way to finish up or go deeper into your original TSP modules and get ahead of the game in the new school year. Hope to see y’all there!