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In 2007, I started a little blog called "Notes from the School Psychologist" where I mused aloud into cyberspace (with a verrrrrrry ugly webpage) about how to help kids, and survive in this wild and wonderful profession of school psychology. 

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When you think of someone who is burned out, it conjures up images of someone who is “phoning it in” --  disengaged, uninterested, and hating their work. That’s not what burnout often looks like for school psychologists and others in the helping professions. When school psychologists get burned out, they still love their job and their students, but they may feel trapped in a role that only scratches the surface of what they can do to help kids.
Ever work with a student on a really cool organizational plan, only to find it crumbled up at the bottom of backpack? Have you ever tried to teach planning and executive functioning skills to students and they are NOT having it? I know I have!
It seemed like such a good idea at the beginning of the pandemic. I would plant vegetables to get through the tough times, much like folks during the World Wars cultivated Victory Gardens to combat food shortages and raise their spirits.
Do you love your students but find yourself not loving parts of your job as a school psychologist? One thing I’ve learned over the last 20 years and in my research for my latest book is that school psychologists often fall into burnout traps and they don’t even notice it!


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